Get Inspired: Decor Ideas

A cowhide rug looks great on a wooden floor. The two natural materials complement one another, and the rug provides an attractive focal point. A large rug will be heavy enough to sit securely on its own, but a smaller rug may need taping underneath to prevent slippage. 

Cowhide rugs look great on top of another floor covering, either a natural fibre rug, like sisal or jute or a plain carpet. Used in the dining room the organic shape of a rug can soften the room’s angularity and create a connection between separate seating areas. The toughness of a cowhide rug means that you can stand a heavy dining table on it without fear that you’ll wear a hole, in fact it’s an excellent way to protect your carpet and create an eye-catching splash of pattern in the room. It’ll keep your carpet clean and is easy to maintain with a little light vacuuming.

The soft, thick sensual feel of a cowhide rug make it a sumptuous addition to a bedroom. Cosy and comforting and a delight for your bare feet every morning. Surprising and stylish, if your bathroom is big enough a cowhide rug is a luxurious addition. You don’t want to drench your rug but the natural oils in a cowhide rug mean that it will cope well with splashes and it’s a real treat for those shower fresh feet. 

A cowhide rug in front of an open fire is an almost irresistible invitation to sprawl, if the family dog hasn’t beaten you to it. Placed between two chairs or in front of a sofa in the lounge its irregular shape can serve as a focal point to a room with neutral colours or as a complement to a colourful and highly patterned room.

Hard wearing and eye catching, a cowhide rug is a sure-fire way to take the stuffiness out of an angular office environment. A cowhide rug won’t show wear like a carpet so it’s a vibrant, hardwearing choice for an area with lots of traffic, like the foyer.

Hypoallergenic, soft and warm it’s a perfect natural floor covering for a baby or small child. Your child won’t be absorbing chemicals or inhaling nylon fibres and no matter how much they drive those toy cars they won’t damage it. A splash of style and a hard-wearing, easy clean floor covering that will transform your kitchen into something much more interesting.

A piano will put a serious and usually permanent dent into most floor coverings, but a cowhide rug not only looks great but will also take the weight with impunity. Beachboy, Brian Wilson had a sandbox fitted beneath his piano so that he could wiggle his toes in the sand; wouldn’t it be nice to wiggle your toes in a cowhide rug.

Here are some of the pictures our customers have have shared with us.