Bedroom Styling Tips

Bedroom Styling Tips

Cowhide has been turning heads in the interior design scene for some time now, and with good reason. Its natural elegance, combined with a rustic charm, makes it a perfect addition to the British home. And where better to start than in the heart of the house – the bedroom? In this article, we'll walk you through ten fantastic ways to incorporate cowhide into your bedroom, blending comfort with style.


1. The Classic Under-the-Bed Look: 

Starting with the iconic, laying a cowhide rug under the bed so it peeks out adds a hint of rustic luxury to your room. Especially if you have wooden floors – which many British homes proudly feature – the cowhide serves as a complementary touch, ensuring your first step into the day is a cozy one.


2. Beside-the-Bed Beauties: 

If you're hesitant about introducing a full-sized rug, consider placing smaller cowhide throws or rugs on either side of your bed. These offer a delightful landing spot for your feet during those midnight trips or early morning rises.


3. Luxurious Layering: 

Layering is a décor trick that never goes out of style. Place a cowhide over a monochromatic or textured rug. The dual texture – the plushness of the base rug against the unique cowhide texture – creates a symphony for the eyes and feet.


4. Chic Chair Draping: 

Why restrict cowhide to the floor? Drape a cowhide throw over a bedroom bench or a reading chair. This versatile look can move from bohemian luxury to British countryside charm, depending on the rest of your décor.


5. Match with Beddings: 

To create a cohesive look, consider the colours of your beddings. Earthy tones, soft pastels, or even jewel tones can enhance the cowhide's natural shades. Add a few matching or contrasting cushions, and your bedroom becomes an ensemble of coordinated elegance.


6. On-the-Bed Statement: 

Cowhides aren't just for floors and chairs. Use one as a bed cover or a foot-of-the-bed throw. This can be particularly welcoming in winter, providing an extra layer of warmth while making a bold style statement.


7. Play with Colours and Patterns: 

Cowhides come in various shades and patterns. From the classic black and white or brown and cream to more exotic brindle or even dyed hues, there's a cowhide for every palette. If your bedroom has a neutral colour scheme, a contrasting cowhide can serve as a focal point. On the other hand, a room with bolder colours might benefit from a more understated cowhide.


8. Wall Artistry: 

This might sound unconventional, but cowhides can be used as wall hangings. Whether it's behind your bed as a pseudo-headboard or on a principal wall, it adds depth and texture to the room.


9. Pair with British Design Elements: 

Think about classic British design elements – the chesterfield couch, wrought iron fixtures, or even delicate floral wallpapers. A cowhide can juxtapose beautifully against these elements, merging the contemporary with the classic.



10. Maintenance and Care: 

Cowhides are an investment, and you'd want them to last. They're relatively low maintenance. Regularly shaking them out and occasionally vacuuming (on the reverse side too) will keep them fresh. For spills, a damp cloth is often all you need. Ensure they're kept out of prolonged direct sunlight to avoid fading.


In conclusion, cowhides offer an avenue for experimentation in the realm of interior design. Whether you're going for a full revamp or subtle changes in your British home's bedroom, they are an elegant choice. With a variety of applications, from rugs to wall hangings, there's a myriad of ways to embrace the cowhide trend. So, as you ponder your next décor move, consider the cowhide. It might just be the touch of warmth and luxury your bedroom needs.

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